Chris Peters and Nick Baxter Examine the Body at Last Rites Gallery

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Communion by Nick Baxter
The human body is a powerful tool of expression, but we rarely consider how the literal flesh and bones that compose us can be used to tell stories. This Saturday, Last Rites Gallery in New York will open two concurrent solo shows by Chris Peters and Nick Baxter, two painters that use visceral, often morbid elements to convey distinct ideas. Peters manipulates skulls and bones in Renaissance-inspired still lifes to examine how unexpected beauty can reside in what we fear for his show, “The Soul Never Sleeps.” His meticulously painted works will be accompanied by a short film that lends an narrative aspect to the snap shot-like feel of his paintings. Meanwhile, Nick Baxter depicts close-up views of medical scenes not for the faint-hearted (or faint-stomached, for that matter), commenting on our society’s obsession with bodily perfection. Both artists use photorealism to haunt and provoke; their works inadvertently create a dialogue with one another about the meanings we impose onto flesh and blood. Take a look at some images courtesy of Last Rites.


Book Smart by Chris Peters


First Judgement by Nick Baxter


Hand of God by Nick Baxter


Baptized by Nick Baxter


Near The Window by Chris Peters


To The Last Breath by Chris Peters


Damien Dots by Chris Peters

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