Chet Zar’s Le Petite Mort, Charlie Immer’s Scuffle & Stephan Webb’s Sinister Dexterity

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Chet Zar’s Le Petite MortCharlie Immer’s Scuffle and Stephan Webb’s Sinister Dexterity will be opening at the Stranger Factory on June 1st through July 2nd. Chet Zar and Charlie Immer have both been featured in Hi-Fructose Volume 11. This will be an a triple solo exhibition full of a strange and beautiful darkness. Le Petite Mort will be a voyage into the depths of the subconscious of Chet Zar as he explores his longtime obsession with death. Charlie Immer’s Scuffle is a surrealistic tribute to two dimensional fighting video games and violence while Stephan Webb’s Sinister Dexterity brings his extensive background in biology with this shows focus on the vast representation of hands. – Jane Kenoyer

Charlie Immer’s Magician

Charlie Immer’s The Brothers Gemlow

 Stephan Webb’s Ambidextrous

Stephan Webb’s Meowl Passive

Stephan Webb’s The Delusion of Self Control

Chet Zar

Chet Zar

Chet Zar

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