Derek Nobbs’ Dead Man’s Tales – Upcoming Exhibition at Roq La Rue

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Out to Sea

Derek Nobbs’ Dead Man’s Tales is an upcoming solo exhibition that opens this Friday, May 11th 6-9pm at the Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle, Washington. Nobbs is an artist who has a passion for the mysteries of the sea. His vintage vignettes are infused with nautical themes and skeleton iconography. He currently lives in shady Squalor Harbor in the Pacific Northwest.

Each heavily detailed painting is created on a 300 pound, heavyweight hot-press paper that he carefully tears and gives an aged look to by using his own aging recipe of coffee, tea, whiskey, tobacco, and more. Kirsten Anderson, owner of the Roq La Rue, describes his secret recipe, “Each of his theatrical pieces, done in watercolor and gouache are showcased on specially “aged” papers using Derek’s “secret recipe” which may or may contain coal dust, ambergris, tobacco found in a civil war soldier’s jacket pocket, wolves blood, and the last dregs of whiskey found in the his great grandfather’s old derelict cellar.” 

Nobbs shares some insight into the ideas that inspire his work, “I have so many ideas waiting to make it to paper. I suppose that’s where the real work starts – in my head. I’ll mull over an idea for years sometimes before I even make a sketch. Some current subjects that are in my head and on the paper are the black-hearted blues, a deep sea diver, a frontiersman, dead seas trading, arctic explorers, a whaler, a prairie sailor, and so many more.” 

Click here to read a great interview with Derek Nobbs about his influences and process. – Jane Kenoyer

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