“Dark Spectrum” Group Show at Oakland Art Murmur

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Apparition by Skid Lo

Curated by painter Peter Adamyan and his collective Under the Mattressthe group show “Dark Spectrum” at the popular Oakland Art Murmur hub, Telegraph (formerly Mama Buzz,) represents a gradient of dark emotions and impulses. Hints of mischief, irony, horror and disgust permeate the six featured artists’ work — their distinct, colorful styles come together in a playful conversation that rings with echoes of the sinister. Adamyan’s pop-flavored paintings take on a 3-d effect with their layered wood panels. Kim Jong-Il and Hannibal make regular appearances among his characters, which he renders in saturated compositions that put a satirical spin on product branding. Serge Gay Jr.’s busy paintings fling the viewer’s eye around on the canvas, embroiling us in a complicated network of images that address the role of gender in a consumerist society. Also working with pop culture and realism, JoKa‘s paintings zero in on characters caught in cinematic moments of love, death or discovery. Bo Heimlich and Skid Lo (who created his hand-embroidered works in prison) spice up found photographs with creepy cartoon characters, while Akira Beard and Helen Bayly’s paintings filter cinematic and literary influences through soft, washed-out hues. Check out photos from the opening night.

Thinkers Homage by Akira Beard

Peter Adamyan

Miserable and Angry by Serge Gay Jr.

Herman Hesse Homage and Head Piece by Akira Beard

Helen Bayly

Han’s Best Friend by Peter Adamyan

Hamilton Series #9.5 by Skid Lo

Fresh and Betelgeuse – Pioneer of 80s Space Travel by Jo Ka

Bo Heimlich

Pink Party by Serge Gay Jr.

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