Streets of the World – Upcoming Show at Opera Gallery

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Walker Ultra Vandalism

Streets of the World is an upcoming show at Opera Gallery where for the first time forty of the most important contemporary artists of the Street Art Movement will be showing together. These artists span the globe, including the United States, Brazil, France, Ukraine, Poland, Belgium, Israel, Spain and China, proving that the Street Art Movement has no borders. The exhibition will be open from May 11th through May 31st. 

Featured artists include Anthony Lister, Rone, Kid Zoom, ROA, Dal East, Blek le Rat, Herakut, How and Nosm, Alexandros Vasmoulakis, b., Know Hope, The London Police, M-City, Sixeart, Hyuro, Liqen, Interesni Kazki, Paul Insect, Remi Rough, Nick Walker, Mark Jenkins, Saber, Augustine Kofie, Revok, Faile, Bäst, Swoon, Ron English, Trustocorp, Mare 139, Jose Parla, Eric Haze, Logan Hicks, and Aiko. 

Swoon Alden

Revok Hamilton

Lister Dancer in Motion

Know Hope What Happens When The Blues Set In

Faile Fortune

Kid Zoom

Blek le Rat Minor Sins

English Star Skull

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