Hollow Earth – Alex Turvey

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Whether he’s the director, illustrator or designer, Alex Turvey filters every project through the lens of his personal aesthetic. That creative lens may be somewhat cracked or not quite convex, but the results always emerge with a blend of morbidness and elegance that have become his hallmark. Working behind the scenes, Turvey has dabbled in creative endeavors for both indie and mainstream clothing labels and music acts. He directed music videos for the likes of Grizzly Bear and Shakira, created short films for Nike’s iPad app and made book covers for fiction author Jasper Fforde. Tonight, London gallery KK Outlet debuts Turvey’s solo show, “Hollow Earth.” The moving images, which Turvey developed to accompany British ambient electronica bandBlanck Mass’s live performances, combine CGI and manipulated archive footage of nature to create an otherworldly communion of fluid shapes. The abstract forms reflect the visceral emotions a musical arrangement can evoke, taking the viewer to a technicolor world where sound can be seen and felt. Check out these stills of the moving images courtesy of KK Outlet. – Nastia Voynovskaya

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