Cigarettes, Phone Cards and Hip Hop Clothing

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Marco Zamora

Tonight, Friday, April 20th, Fecal Face Dot Gallery
will debut on this most fitting of holidays, “Cigarettes, Phone Cards
and Hip Hop Clothing” a group exhibition featuring ten artists whose
detail oriented works, though from differing environments, come together
in a natural harmony. In addition to notables such as Robert Hardgrave
(who we featured in HF Vol. 8) and Kelsey Brookes (who we featured last
year here)
the show also boasts several emerging talents whose work we’ve been
enjoying for a while such as Alex Ziv and Hiro Kurata. Though seemingly
disjointed at first, the show playfully capitalizes on a common
stylistic undercurrent that unifies the works, coming together much like
tobacco, payphones and rap. – Ken Harman

Kelsey Brookes


Tom Betthauser

Robert Hardgrave

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