Ted Vasin’s “Poison Bliss”

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Ted Vasin

Multi-media artist Ted Vasin’s blog looks to be evidence photos of a person on a hallucinatory bender; a mix of electronic equipment, newspaper/magazine clippings, wires, medical marijuana, dildos, and art supplies. While that’s fun and all, it wouldn’t be worth investigating or mentioning if the end result wasn’t such a fantastic body of provoking art works.

Vasin’s mix of graphite and acrylics creates a startling swirl of imagery, iconography and bursts of color. Combine that with his vertigo-like points of view and you’ll find pure uncut Vasin magic. I still wouldn’t want him to date a family member though. Take a look at Ted Vasin’s latest work, “Poison Bliss” just opening at 101/exhibit in Miami. 


Poison Bliss

Come As U R Self Centered Doodle

Plug In


My Buttonfly

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