Scott Hove – My Own Private Apocalypse

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Self Objectification Strategy

New works from Scott Hove explore the concept of the End of Days. This upcoming exhibition entitledMy Own Private Apocalypse, is a continuation of his ongoing ‘Cakeland’ theme. He is known for utilizing traditional cake decorating tools and techniques to render extremely realistic looking cakes with humorous pop culture references. These acrylic cakes are accessorized with decidedly un-cakelike items such as taxidermy jaws, hypodermic needles, plastic insects and other objects which counterbalance the typical sense of happiness and positive expectation associated with a delicious looking cake.

Throughout our history, artists, musicians, authors, mystics, and politicians have used the concept of the ‘imminent end of civilization’ to create a sense of urgency and identity around the issues of their time. In My Own Private Apocalypse, Hove comes to terms with his own personal beliefs and obsessions around the end of the world, and pays ironic tribute to those whose beliefs and fanaticism around environment, economy and spirituality have indeed resulted in apocalypse on a small to not-so-small scale. Hove lives and works in his Oakland gallery/warehouse known as Cakeland, which is visited regularly by collectors and enthusiasts of food and art. His work has been featured in Hi-Fructose magazine Vol. 11, The Cooking Channel (see video), KCRW radio, the LA times, and dozens of print magazines and blogs.


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