The Art of Yokonori Stone

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Shhh! Cant you see Barry McGee is working

The influence on Bay Area arts, notably the “Mission School,” is a resounding one that has reverberated around the world for almost two decades now. Much as the wild style New York graffiti scene of the 80s has influenced graffiti artists from all corners of the globe, so too has the art of Barry McGee, Margaret Kilgallen and Chris Johanson left its indelible mark on contemporary art. The affect of these forerunners is explored in the work of Japanese native Yokonori Stone, who’s upcoming solo show at Ever Gold playfully tips the hat in an irreverent display.

I hope I don’t piss off Barry McGee cause I really like his work and sometimes I wish I was him. There is a lot to like about San Francisco and I hope to pay tribute to the many wonderful people and places in the city.” says the artist coyly, and pay tribute he does, not just to McGee, but also to other Bay Area art staples such as Alan Bamberger and Last Gasp’s Ron Turner.

Get a look at Stone’s work before the April 5th opening, here on Hi-Fructose.

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