Tim Ripley’s Malleable Cellular Forms

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Clash of the Titans

Tim Ripley has an ongoing fascination with math and science. His interest in biology lies in growth and development on a cellular level and this passion is evident in his artwork. His primary medium used to depict abstracted biological forms is polymer clay, in addition to his sculptures he creates paintings, drawings, and does photography.

According to Ripley he wants “to represent science as sexy, mysterious, and bombastic, but also convey that science has a dark side and that, if we are going to personify science, it most definitely carries an STD.” His titles such as This Is Spinal TapAmerican Gigolo, and Escape from NY, are taken from influential 80’s movies that he feels relate his work to a malleable consumer society.

“The way these films have shaped my persona relates to the process of modeling a polymer clay form, shaping its character, and manipulating its image,” Ripley explains. He has exhibited work in New York, Houston, Chicago, and Wisconsin. He was featured in the 2010 Midwest edition of New American Painters’ annual publication. Ripley is currently residing in Chicago, IL where he teaches at Columbia College. – Jane Kenoyer

American Gigolo


This is Spinal Tap

Nice Dreams


Heavy Metal

Valley Girl

Sex, Lies, and Videotape

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