Imaginative Chris Berens is Preparing for a New Exhibition in Amsterdam

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We have come to know Chris Berens’ work as mysterious explorations of seemingly lost worlds that balance soft hopeful light and ominous creeping darkness. His work invites the viewer on a journey through his imaginative mind. His paintings seem to hold deep, fragile secrets filled with longing and veiled mystery. Berens has been featured in Hi-Fructose Volumes 9 and 17.

Berens gives us an exclusive insight to one of his most recent paintings Imperial Cargo, “It’s a long lost place tucked away in the outskirts of my own mind. It used to be a playground and a beach called Hemelrijk, and a tree hut. Years have passed, no-one has payed attention for at least two decades and this is what has become of it. All the beach chairs are still there, however deserted. The treehouse has grown oversize. Since a year or so more and more lanterns have been floating in from the mists. The water level has been rising and the bonfire places have begun smoldering. Slowly but surely a vast ancient ship eerily creaks to shore, carrying imperial cargo.” Berens is in the midst of preparations for his brand new solo show at Jaski Art Gallery. The show will open April 28th of 2012. – Jane Kenoyer

The Battue


Imperial Cargo

Amsterdam in progress

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