James Jean’s New Work

by Jane KenoyerPosted on

   Reclamare. Ink on Paper, 22 x 22″, 2012.

Well known artist James Jean, who currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California, has amazed us again with his new ink drawing on paper called Reclamare. It is a stunningly complex combination of vivid reds and blues that weave butterflies into flowers. His signature leaves envelope women and crustaceans with equal importance as vines drip, weave, and fall quietly around them. 

 Lily Aldridge.  Oil on Wood Panel, 12 x 12″, 2012.

     Pauline.  Oil on Two Wood Panels, 24 x 12″, 2012.

Bows. Acrylic on Wood Panel, 12 x 12″, 2011.

Big Five. Oil on Two Canvases, 60 x 104″, 2011.

Flood, Acrylic on Two Wood Panels, 14 x 24″, 2011. 

 Sprinkler. Acrylic, Oil & Pastel on Canvas Mounted on Panel, 72″ Diameter, 2011.

Lovers. Oil & Acrylic on Canvas Mounted on Wood Panels, 80 x 80″, 2011.

Carnage, Ink on Paper, 9 x 10″. 2012.

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