The Art of Brad Kunkle

by Zach TutorPosted on

Brad Kunkle paints ethereal females in the grasp of the supernatural. Following in the footsteps of artists such as Sir John Everett Millais and Maxfield Parrish, Kunkle’s paintings glow with an eerie luminescence which is created from Kunkle’s own unique process of gilding and his limit of colors. The result, as well as Kunkle’s goal, is a surreal presence that transcends what a person might normally see. This vision works well in his portrayal of women being one with nature, almost organically linked to their surroundings. One extra quality of the paintings, when viewed in person, as Kunkle likes to point out, is that they seem to become living things as the surrounding light shimmers off the metallic surfaces adding to the over all sense of some other reality. Kunkle lives and works in New York City. -Zach Tutor

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