Victor Castillo and Alex Gross at Jonathan LeVine Gallery Preview

by JL SchnabelPosted on

Alex Gross

Opening this Saturday, February 25, at NYC’s Jonathan LeVine Gallery are dual solo exhibitions from artists Alex Gross (Vol 21) and Victor Castillo(Vol 8). While both artists have chosen to tackle the complex darkness of our current national, emotional and economic landscapes through the veil of using bright colors and cartoonish figures, each one has chosen a different aspect to explore.

In Alex Gross’ ‘Product Placement,’ fashion labels and food products serve as a backdrop to a cast of both human and animal characters set in scenes from around the world, reveling in consumer consumption. These hedonistic scenarios are often balanced by the moments of connection or disconnection between his figures. To contrast with these brightly colored works, Castillo offers a grim future via the use of cartoonish children who reveal the very worst of us. These signature figures are placed in sweeping backdrops within dark jungles, employed in acts of vanity, greed and destruction. View more preview images from both artists below.

Victor Castillo

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