Pow Wow Set Up Event

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Traditional Hawai’ian blessing before the event

Two days ago Hi-Fructose landed in Honolulu, HI for our favorite ongoing art event, Pow Wow. The annual gathering, now in its third year, brings together a vast spectrum of contemporary arts and culture from around the world. Street artists, sculptors, photographers, designers and painters work and live hand in hand in an open and accessible forum designed to fuel inspiration and encourage collaboration over the course of a week, with the fruits of their labors seeing light in a public opening.

Last year’s event, which we covered here has expanded greatly both in size of its roster (now over forty artists) as well as it’s geographic scope as the street art aspect has now taken over several square blocks surrounding the main indoor gallery, Loft in Space.

Unlike many of Pow Wow’s contemporaries (Wynwood Walls, Primary Flight, Living Walls) this event not only brings in artists and creatives from around the globe, but also heavily focuses on the educational and community aspect of the vibrant Hawai’i scene. Local schools are involved with interactive arts programs for children and talks and walking tours have been coordinated with the University of Hawai’i and various local organizations.

Get a look at set up for the event, now in progress, and stay tuned for a recap of the opening night festivities, which will officially be presented this Saturday night, February 18th..-Ken Harman

 Aaron de la Cruz (SF)

Klor from 123Klan (Montreal)

Derek Weisberg (NYC)

 Ogi (Tokyo)

Will Barras (UK)

 Paep (Cambodia)

 Meggs (Australia)

Mr. Jago (UK)

Community outreach

Angry Woebots (LA)

Klor from 123Klan (Montreal)

Scien from 123Klan (Montreal)

OG Slick (Hawai’i)

Eddie Colla (SF)

Pow Wow founder Jasper Wong

Erik Otto

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