Sparkle Power- The Art of Debra Baxter

by Kirsten AndersonPosted on

While many painters these days are painting crystalline forms in their work, Seattle artist Debra Baxter actually uses the real thing for her conceptually driven and dynamic sculptures. Created in crystal, carved alabaster, resin and paint, the work is often an absurdist recreation of everyday artifacts (such as her crystal brass knuckles, glittery barf bag, or crystal and alabaster gun holster) or a darkly humorous exploration of the ephemeral nature of relationships and our desire for deeper links to the temporal and spiritual.- Kirsten Anderson

“Crystal Brass Knuckles (I Am Going To Realign Your Chakras Motherf******)” crystal, silver

“Fauxhawk” alabaster, smokey quartz, marble dust

“Outshine” alabaster, pyrite twin, paint

“Take Your Medicine” sterling silver, quartz crystal

“Love Me Tender” alabaster, steel, mirrors, epoxy

 “Kleenex + Crystal ” c-print

“In The Ruff” – carved alabaster

“From the Hip” amethyst, smoky quartz, alabaster, leather

“You Have To Believe We Are Magic (Barf Bag)” ceramic, mirror, lab grown bismuth

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