Ana Bagayan’s “There Is a Time to Kill Today” – Opening Night Photos

by CaroPosted on

Now showing at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles is the highly anticipated new body of artwork from artist Ana Bagayan, “There Is A Time To Kill Today.” The exhibition is a mix of the familiar and a departure into new territory, as Ana found herself exploring the theme of alien abduction as a metaphor for modern adolescence. “All of the works, I feel incorporate the inherent beauty of interpreting both the known and unknown,” Ana shares.

At first glance, these bug-eyed charcoal and graphite works are in severe contrast to Ana’s colorful oil paintings, however they are carefully linked to her story of metamorphosis by hybrid creatures. There is an underlying play at Ana’s signature wide-eyed females. Eyes are an important feature used in Ana’s work to describe beauty within, as windows to the soul. In her “Skeleton Eye” series, Ana strips the work completely to focus on the eyes. In the Thinkspace project room, Thinkspace exhibits “New Works” by artist Liz Brizzi-Caro.

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