Eric Joyner’s “It’s a Jungle Out There” Opening Night

by CaroPosted on

Corey Helford Gallery started off the new year with Eric Joyner’s ‘It’s a Jungle Out There’ (previewed here) last weekend. The show is an emotional journey for the artist, known for his robot subjects based on his real life collection, now venturing deep into Thailand. “I wanted to get away from everything after my parents divorced, so I chose Thailand. I got to experience riding elephants and hiking in the jungle,” Joyner told Hi-Fructose at the opening. The trip had a proud effect on Joyner, who returned to his studio in San Francisco and began painting his robots in not only a new environment, but with newfound strength. In “All Wrapped Up,” Joyner’s robot dominates over a huge jungle python. Characters such as Ultraman also make an appearance, seen battling a doughnut flying saucer.

The energy of the show is matched by PURE EVIL’s ‘Pure Evil Goes Pop!’, with Warhol-inspired work crying tears of paint onto the gallery floor. “It’s A Jungle Out There” by Eric Joyner exhibits at Corey Helford Gallery, January 21 – February 8, 2012.- Caro

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