The Affordable Art Fair Re-cap

by JL SchnabelPosted on

“Girls Love” by Joseph @ Envie D’ Art

To close our coverage (for more view here and here) of last weeks’ Affordable Art Fair held for the first time in L.A., correspondent Daniel Rolnik compiled a collection of images of selected artwork from amongst the 50 booths present. Including works from artists Rose Sanderson, Jenny Keith and Augustine Kofie, the Fair proved to be filled with a diverse selection of works. View more images below.

“Community” by Jenny Keith @ Feral Fine Art

“Boombox” by Max Neutra @ C.A.V.E. Gallery

CHAZ print for LACMA @ Buddha Cat Press

Multiple Paintings by Arkiv @ Toy Art Gallery [TAG]

Paper Cut-out by Annie Vought @ Recent Graduates Exhibition

Makerbot 3D Printe

“Triangulations” by Augustine Kofie @ Edition One Hundred

”Micro Gestalt” by Airom, Jim Holyoak, Alex Schaeffer, Julia Schwartz, Gay

“Deserted City: Pool Chairs” by Kim Holtermand @ ArtStar

“School” by Kathleen Elliot @ Micaela Gallery and Projects

“Lophrya Neglecta” by Rose Sanderson @ Will’s Art Warehouse

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