Lynne Naylor and Nicoletta Ceccoli at Roq La Rue

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Artist Lynne Naylor

Roq La Rue is awash with color this month as Lynne Naylor and Nicoletta Ceccoli both display new works. Lynne’s vibrant work has deep roots in her animation career which has spanned over 20 years and many notable endeavors. Her new collection of fine art titled “Eros” features Lynne’s vision of Goddesses from many cultures over the world. The smiling Lynne Naylor was at the show opening, doing some sketches for a few lucky fans and talking about her time on The Ren & Stimpy Show.

Nicoletta Ceccoli’s works in “Girls Don’t Cry” depict a fairytale world where there seems to be a conflict of interests between the cutely dressed girls and larger than life insects or humanized vegetables. Each piece has a different story to tell and the viewer gets to decide what happens next. The show runs through February 4th at Roq La Rue in Seattle, WA. –Robbie Lowery

Lynne Naylor ‘Artemis’ detail

Lynne Naylor ‘Rhiannon’

Lynne Naylor ‘Isolt’

Lynne Naylor ‘Sige’

Lynne Naylor sketching

Lynne Naylor ‘Cordelia’

Lynne Naylor ‘Aine’ detail

Lynne Naylor ‘Oonaugh’

Nicoletta Ceccoli ‘In The Greenroom’

Nicoletta Ceccoli ‘As I Promised You’

Nicoletta Ceccoli ‘As I Promised You’detail

Nicoletta Ceccoli ‘Hascondino (Hide and Seek 2)

Nicoletta Ceccoli ‘Hascondino (Hide and Seek 2) detail

Nicoletta Ceccoli ‘Parallel Thinking’

Nicoletta Ceccoli ‘Blessed Sleep’

Nicoletta Ceccoli ‘Heads or Tails’

Nicoletta Ceccoli ‘Girls Don’t Cry’

Nicoletta Ceccoli ‘Girls Don’t Cry’ detail

Nicoletta Ceccoli ‘In The Greenroom’ Detail

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