Giant Robot’s Printed Matter 10

by Daniel RolnikPosted on

Jesse Tise

Giant Robot’s Gallery, GR2, had to undergo a remodel just to have enough wall space to hang over 129 incredible  prints for their current exhibit ‘Printed Matter 10’. It’s always great to see prints by artists like David Choe, Kent Williams (HFvol.21), David Horvath and his wife Sun-Min Kim (more popularly known as the creators of Uglydolls), as well as a plethora of fresh artists. However, the artist with the most wall space was definitely Jeremyville – who had over 12 prints available, featuring his signature characters enacting positive affirmations like “Be Your Own Guru” and “Eat More Vegetables” which had cows begging you not to eat them. Shows like ‘Printed Matter 10’ continue to spark imagination and keep art alive for everyone. See photos from the opening of the show below. –Daniel Rolnik


David Choe
David Horvath
J. Chong
Jesse Tise
Jude Bu
Justin Wallis
Little Friends of Printmaking and Michael C. Hsiung
Martin Ontiveros

Sashiko Yuen

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