A Studio Visit with Allison Sommers

by JL SchnabelPosted on

Inspired by historical wars including WWI & the American Civil war, Brooklyn based artist Allison Sommers will be presenting her newest body of work, ‘Potter’s Field’ at L.A’s Thinkspace Gallery on January 7th. Featuring her signature style of miniature scale paintings composed of gouache on paper, the clusters of creatures, either employed as soldiers, beasts or nurses amongst others are engaged in action in darkened, war torn landscape. Illuminating the scale and inventiveness of Sommers who will also be showing one of the largest pieces she’s created to date, several of the smallest works are housed with antique matchboxes. Hi-Fructose recently had the opportunity to visit Sommers’ studio, take a look at her curious collections and a preview of the new work after below.

Images provided by Gerrit Roessler. Images of artwork courtesy of the gallery.

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