Studio Visit with Esao Andrews

by Ken HarmanPosted on

While gearing up for his solo exhibition ‘Nowhere’ at L.A.’s Thinkspace Gallery next month, Brooklyn based artist Esao Andrews (featured in upcoming Vol 22 ) invited us into his studio to take a peek at his new work. ‘Nowhere’ bears the signature technique of Andrews’ oeuvre and the work marvelously blends innocent creatures such as a long eared hare and thin adolescents with a lurking creepiness apparent in the details; a hand appears spiderlike while a bat enshrouds a pretty face.

Though each painting is created to be a stand-alone image, a consistent color palette and a slightly melancholy mood loosely connect them to each other. With a strong emphasis on transitory elements such as hot air balloons, ships and bridges, the works also feature focused portraits of striking figures that add faces to the strangely beautiful world Andrews’ has invented. View more studio shots and preview images of the new works below.

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