Meredith Dittmar’s “Now You See IT Now You Don’t”

by JL SchnabelPosted on

Sculptress Meredith Dittmar recently opened a new solo exhbition ‘Now You See It Now You Don’t’ at Mexico City’s Fifty24MX Gallery. The forty + works rendered in the unlikely material of colored polymer clay, is executed in a unique style akin to carved reliefs found on the inner walls of temples or within old churches. This choice imbues the work with a sense of reverence for the past, specifically focusing on ideas of nature, the afterlife and personal evolution in the face of peril. Created over a 15-month period that was fraught with intense personal experiences including the death of a parent and the birth of twins, the works explore the cyclical landscape of life and death framed in the vivid colors, patterns and mythology of Mexico. View more images of the new work below.

Supplementary images via Fifty 24MX Gallery

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