David Flores x Phil Stern

by Kiesha RainesPosted on

Acclaimed urban artist David Flores and 92-year-old Hollywood photographerPhil Stern make a very unusual duo. However, the two defy their generationgap and collaborated for a highly anticipated show at The Phil Stern Gallerytitled “The Beginning of an Era.”Flores creatively manipulated Stern’s iconic images of stars such as MarilynMonroe, Louis Armstrong, James Dean and Frank Sinatra giving them thefamous “Flores treatment,” Hollywood glamour meets a postmodern aesthetic.

Stern’s timeless photos are adorned with verymodern touches, creating a new brand of pop art.Despite the difference in age, backgrounds and mediums the two artists havecreated an amazing show by finding the balance between giving the images anew life while also preserving the integrity of the photos.To anyone that has tried to explain street art to an older generation, it is relieving, tosee such different artists collaborate in such an innovative way. Stern and Flores’ trulyexhibits the power of art to unite people.The Beginning of an Era will remain on view for the public until February 4, 2012. – Keisha Raines

Photos courtesy of Birdman

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