Lush Life 3 at Roq la Rue – Opening Night

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Jessica Joslin

It was a packed house for the 3rd Annual Lush Life show at Seattle’s Roq la Rue on December 9th. An immensely talented group contributed works in a variety of mediums. Jessica Joslin brought the dead back to life using animal skulls and fine metal work with “Agate”, “Silver”, and “Almond”, while Michael Alm’s hand sculpted “Crocuta Calvaporto” brings to life a life-size hyena. Peter Gronquist somehow managed to meld an AK-47 to fawn antlers in his untitled floor display, daring hunters to make a move.

Josh Keyes

Fans of acrylic and oil won’t leave disappointed as Andrew Arconti’s “Venus Retrograde” and Mia Araujo’s “Requiem (For The Damaged)” force you to pull up a chair just to pour over the detail. The same can be said for Christian Van’s “Always” which bewilders the eye by being both beautiful and grotesque at the same time. Viewers are left to wonder what became of the lion tamer in Josh Keye’s slice of Africa in “Exodus I” and Chris Beren’s towering “Bed of Ivy” will leave you in disbelief while putting up a solid case that tigers, polar bears, and toucans maybe can live together.

Kirsten Anderson

The art on display wasn’t the only thing lush with life at the opening. Roq la Rue and Hi-Fructose editor Kirsten Anderson was surprised with a cake to celebrate her birthday which was quickly served up to the masses. Several of the contributing artists made it out to the show to share their techniques and ideas to each other and their fans. To get your own taste of the Lush Life, visit Roq la Rue in Seattle from now until January 6th, 2012. – Robbie Lowery

Chris Berens detail

John Brophy

Michael Alm

Femke Hiemstra

Madeline Von Foerster

Joe Park (detail)

Andrew Arconti

Peter Gronquist

Lindsey Carr

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