The Art of Yigal Ozeri

by Ken HarmanPosted on

The photorealistic portraits that Yigal Ozeribrings intocreation from his trained hand are exceptional beings. The verylarge, oil on paper paintings feature mysterious, beautiful women inthe midsts of stark wilderness or vast fields. The subject matter andscenery present a wondrous playground on which to fathom freedom and areturn to nature all while upholding a strong sense of femininesensuality. This is all thanks to Yigal’s perfect renderings whichfool the eye into misbelieving that what they are seeing is trulyreal, in turn creating a lust towards the subject and a need to becomeas free as what they are seeing. Yigal’s work is currently on displayin Culver City, CA at Mark Moore Gallery. – Zach Tutor

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