Serge Gay Jr’s ‘Absolute Happiness’

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Serge Gay Jr.

When Serge Gay Jr. was a preteen, his obsession with Tyra Banks drove him to draw her image over and over — he wanted to always be able to access the model’s perfect face, to recall it from his imagination at any given moment. Little did the artist know, he was actually training himself to be the masterful painter he is today. Currently at Spoke Art Gallery (curated by Hi-Fructose’s own online editor Ken Harman), Serge Gay Jr.’s solo show “Absolute Happiness” combines pop culture references and current events with personal narratives. The surrealist paintings both haunt and amuse, their bright colors and bold compositions interwoven with references to death and disaster. Check out photos from the opening night courtesy of Shaun Roberts. — Nastia Voynovskaya

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