Sam Gibbons & Stephan Doitschinoff at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

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Artist Stephan Doitschinoff

The dual solo exhibitions of artists Sam Gibbons & Stephan Doitschinoff recently opened at NYC’s Jonathan LeVine Gallery this past Saturday night.  With a focus on bright colors and repetitive patterning, the shows diverge in their themes; Gibbons’ works focus on symmetrical compositions of massacred cartoons while an amalgamation of spiritual practices exists within Doitschinoff’s works.Manipulating objects such as hand cut wooden panels or books and ribbons, each show features works employing three dimensional aspects that add an interesting texture to the themes and narratives within the respective body of work. View more images of the works and opening night photos after below.

Patrons watching ‘Briho do Sol’ film

Artist Jeremy Hush

Owners of Choque Cultural Gallery

Artists Esao Andrews, Tara McPherson, Stephan Doitschinoff and gallery owner Jonathan LeVine

Artist Sam Gibbons

Artists Esao Andrews and Adam Wallacavage

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