Allison Torneros’ ‘Streams of Subconsciousness’

by The1point8Posted on

The other weekend, Hold Up Art Gallery in Los Angeles unveiled a solo exhibition from artist and painter Allison Torneros. Titled ‘Streams of Subconsciousness’, the exhibit featured a large collection of work which was a treat to both fans of the her work and to those who were not aware of her until recently. The gallery space was covered from wall to wall with Torneros’ art which depicts the mundane routine of every day life clashing against moments of surrealism and dream-like settings.

Using an artistic technique where colors drip and seemingly explode across the canvas, the artist utilized this look to give her paintings a sense of life anxious to burst forth. In addition to these works, Torneros also brought forth an installation depicting a brain which one could seemingly look into with the use of 3D glasses. Here, one experienced a kind of entrance into the artist’s subconscious and mindset which of course tied nicely to the show’s title and overall theme. Simply, this exhibit was a great showing for the young artist and it will be interesting to see how she develops stylistically in the coming years. In the meantime however, don’t forget to visit Hold Up Art gallery from now till January 2, 2012 when the exhibit comes to an end. – Carlos Gonzalez

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