Kozyndan’s ‘Their Bones are Coral Made’

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Later this evening, Friday, December 9th, art and design supercouple Kozy and Dan (aka Kozyndan) will be debuting their latest show, ‘Their Bones are Coral Made’ at New York’s Bold Hype Gallery. The artistic duo, known for their classic Hokusai parody, ‘Uprisings,’ as well as their covers for albums by bands such as Weezer and the Postal Service, have created a new body of work swirling around in the depths of their latest passion, the ocean.

For ‘Their Bones are Coral Made,’ the couple has created a series of abstract and neon gouache works akin to a psychedlic dream of sea creaturisms which accompany a few larger gouache works on paper featuring tumultuous waves and limbs akimbo. Get a preview of the show below, and be sure to check it out in person tonight or before it ends on January 14th.

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