Art Basel Miami 2011: The Underbelly Project

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Many months ago, a select group of street artists journeyed down into the belly of the New York subway system to a hidden labyrinth, a playground of graffiti unknown even to the MTA workers and fellow vandals. There, over the course of months, they created the world’s first underground street art museum, the Underbelly Project.

But, unlike a more traditional showing, kept the location secret, eventually permanently barring the entrance after the exhibition was complete. For Art Basel Miami 2011, PAC, Workhorse and the rest of the Underbelly finally presented the project to the public, displaying video from the making of alongside an exhibition of works by contributing artists. Aside from becoming an adventurous urban spelunker, this may be your only chance to catch the magic that was made, get a look at the exhibit courtesy of photog Ian Cox, here on Hi-Fructose.

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