Edinburgh’s Mysterious Book Sculptures

by JL SchnabelPosted on

Beginning in March of this year, an anonymous artist began leaving incredible, whimsical book sculptures in specific locations associated with books and reading in Edinburgh, Scotland. Tucked in bookcases or nestled in window sills, each sculpture examined both the use of books as art objects as well as illuminating the act of reading to spark the imagination. Pages were woven and frayed into wings, teacups and cakes were carefully molded into shape and bindings added structure to houses and medieval scenes of knights and dragons to create small wonders for those lucky enough to happen upon them in their chosen settings. Once each sculpture was discovered, the fever grew for answers and people were left wondering when the next “book” would materialize, causing a renewed interest in libraries and book fairs. While the artist’s identity has yet to be revealed, her works serve as an inspiration. View more images of the mysterious book sculptures below.

Images via Chris Scott

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