Micah Ganske’s ‘Tomorrow Land’

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Now on view at RH Gallery in New York is Micah Ganske‘s Tomorrow Land, the artist’s first solo show with the space following the breakup of the Deitch roster last year. For the exhibit, Ganske explores the American landscape, specifically areas that have been the unfortunate victims of corporate pollution and negligence. Over the vacant farms, cities and towns, ominous shadows loom, towering above the former settlements in sharp contrast to the picturesque settings of small town America. In some instances, the shadows cast hint at skyscrapers in the distance, big business on the horizon. In others, the outlines of spacecraft, suggesting our eventual flight from the planet that we’re slowly destroying. ‘Tomorrow Land’ will be on view until January 13th, alongside Ganske’s curated show, ‘Collapse,’ loosely based on the Jared Diamond’s book of the same name. Both exhibitions are highly recommended.

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