Thomas Doyle’s Surface to Air – Opening Night

by Ken HarmanPosted on

On November 12th, LeBasse Projects opened “Surface to Air”, the latest exhibition by New York based artist Thomas Doyle. “Surface to Air” includes his signature intricate distillations along with the debut of his new photographic portrait series. Depicted via sculptures (often under glass domes) are families who inhabit uprooted homes suspended above foundations of debris, and trek through lush (or burnt) landscapes above subterranean houses, all while continuing their daily routine of domestic life. Looking down upon the scenery that dwarfs the figures within, the sculptures evoke feelings of omnipotence as the viewer approaches these worlds with an all-seeing eye. Doyle’s work objectively addresses the anxiety of our times by communicating the eternal longing for stability of hearth and family.

In addition to the sculptures, Doyle presented his Foregone series of photographic portraits highlighting the miniature figures featured in his distillations. Standing at a few millimeters high, the hand painted characters are photographed close-up revealing crude details and their unearthed nature. – Stephanie Chefas
Thomas Doyle’s “Surface to Air” is on view until December 17th at LeBasse Projects.

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