“Dark Water” – Opening Night

by CaroPosted on

Twenty-nine international contemporary painters came together last weekend at the opening of Copro Gallery’s “DARK WATER”, curated by artist Martin Wittfooth.  Tied together by watery imagery personal to each artist, the exhibition also explores a universal interpretation of the human experience.  Among these were large, abstract portraiture of submerged figures or animals by artists like Martin Witfooth, Mshall Arisman, Andrew Hem, Josh Keyes, and Phile Hale, and Eric White. While varied in theme, the artwork collectively raises a concern about the constantly changing environment around us, and our historically complicated relationship with nature.  Endangered plants and animals are common motifs throughout, such as Josh Keyes’ drowning polar bear, speaking to its devastated population by global warming.  Rising from the dark water however is also light; the hope that we can understand our relationship with the natural world, and do what we can to protect it. – Caro

“DARK WATER” curated by Martin Wittfooth exhibits at Copro gallery, from November12 – December 3, 2011.

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