Tomer Hanuka’s “Overkill”

by Zach TutorPosted on

Tomer Hanuka‘s brand new monograph,”Overkill,” offers a hand chosen selection from the omnipotentillustrator’s luminous body of work over the past decade. Born andraised in Israel but later making his way to the United States toattend the School of Visual Arts in New York, Hanuka’s work has aninnate solidarity, complex with intricacies uncommon and profound.Flipping through the pages of his work one becomes immersed byHanuka’s powerful ability to create existence and propose massivestory-lines from single images, images which resonate with all formsof emotional metaphor and that are awash with exotic and brilliantcolors. As a whole, Tomer’s work is a symphony which he conducts withcomplete passion, every new movement a delight to the senses. Hanukalives and works in New York City. – Zach Tutor

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