The Art of Andrew Spear and Scott Scheidly

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Andrew Spear

Later this evening, Thursday, November 10th, Bold Hype Gallery in New York City will be debuting two new bodies of work by Floridian artists Scott Scheidly and Andrew Spear. In regards to medium or stylistic similarities the two artists vary greatly, however their focus on pop, for Scheidly the surreal and Spear the culture, compliment nicely. Spear’s works, created using colored pencils and markers focus on beautiful women and his passion for music, a stark contrast to Scheidly’s brooding and photorealistic acrylics. Similarly, the two artists’ use of negative space couldn’t be more similar yet different, literally black and white or night and day. The two person show will be on view until December 3rd, check out a preview of both artists’ works below.

Scott Scheidly

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