‘Spirit Board’ – Opening Night

by Ken HarmanPosted on

This past weekend saw the opening of ‘Spirit Board,’ the new group show now on view at San Francisco’s Articulated Gallery (previewed here.)Housed within the confines of Haight Street’s overwhelmingly amazing Loved to Death boutique, Articulated has been putting out some great shows recently, notably Jeremy Hush’s solo there a couple months back, and the eclectic space continues with their delightfully dark programming this month. Curated by Hi-Fructose’s own JL Schnabel, aka BloodMilk, ‘Spirit Board’ presents inspirations provided by the Ouija Board as interpreted by approximately two dozen artists including Caitlin Hackett, Jennybird Alcantara, Kukula, Jeremy Hush, Buddy Nestor and many more. Get a look at the opening celebrations, as well as a selection of our personal favorite works below.

Artist Jeremy Hush

JL Schnabel and artist Karyn Crisis

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