13th Hour at Last Rites Gallery

by Annie OwensPosted on

Beau Stanton, Paul Booth, Angie Mason, David Stoupakis, JoKa, Genevive Zacconi and David Aronson

The 13th Hour is upon us! The 4th annual “13th Hour” group show at Last Rites Gallery opened in New York City, featuring the art of artists such as Chris Mars, David Stoupakis, Colin Christian, Michael Hussar and Anthony Pontius to name just a few. Last Rites Gallery opened in 2008 by founders Paul Booth and Genevive Zacconi and has since established itself as the preeminent gallery venue focusing on contemporary dark art. Get a look at our initial preview of the show here, and the opening night photos below.

Pedro de Kastro

Genevive Zancconi and Mary Mendenhall

Les Barany and Buddy Nestor

Chris Mars

Matt Rota


Dan Quintana

Angie Mason

David Stoupakis

Anthony Pontius

Paul Booth

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