Chloe Early’s ‘Feathers and Wax’

by Ken HarmanPosted on

In her latest body of work, ‘Feathers and Wax,’ Irish artist Chloe Early celebrates her New York City debut with an explosive exhibition now on view at Joshua Liner Gallery. The show, titled as a nod to myth of Icarus, transcends gravity in a colorful pastel palate, a disarming choice (rather figuratively) for the weaponry and flowers that adorn and surround her floating subjects. The common thread of these works seem to lie in this duality, violence in movements and imagery of war swirl in balance with bright playful colors and subjects who could just as easily be diving into a summer swimming hole. ‘Feathers and Wax’ will be on view until November 19th, get a look at some of our favorite works from the show below.

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