Scott Hove’s ‘Your Deadly Desserts’

by Antonette StreeterPosted on

For one more week you can view Scott Hove‘s ‘Your Deadly Desserts’ and the group show “Bite-Sized Monsters” at Modern Eden in San Francisco.  This is the perfect October show where reality meets fantasy.  Scott Hove has combined his passion of making the perfect faux cake and his collection of veneers to creates a mixed emotion of desire and fear.  These spike frosted, tongued, and fanged cakes are far from sweet. Also on view, be sure to get your fill of the group show “Bite-Sized Monsters,” located in the back of the gallery.  They may be small pieces, but they are loaded with tons of monstery details!  You really have to get up close and personal with these ones to get the full effect.  You can see ElRod’s (Leanne Rodriguez’) Snooky series sparkling from a distance, but you will never catch those added lashes from a far! Both shows end November 6th. – Antonette Streeter

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