Word to Mother’s ‘Essence of Adolescence’

by Ken HarmanPosted on

The art of Word to Mother is fueled with complexion. The young artist’s washed out backdrops provide a serene stage for his symbolism-heavy characters, text and design, all merging together nicely to form a unique dream straddling the lines of memory and the now. His characters oftentimes hint upon contemporary pop culture, while the murky depths of his backgrounds and vintage fonts bring to mind the hazy memories of an old sailor. In ‘Essence of Adolescence,’ WTM takes an introspective look at the angst of youth, his paintings emblazoned with sayings of confusion, despair and loneliness. Neither an artificial happiness nor a romantic delusion, the artist’s honest observations of himself are intriguing, playful and sometimes even a little bit sad. ‘Essence of Adolescence’ will be on view at StolenSpace gallery in London until October 30th, get a look at some of our favorite pieces from the exhibit below.

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