Ben Kehoe’s ‘The Endless Frontier’

by Ken HarmanPosted on

Later this evening, WWA Gallery in Culver City will be debuting the new body of work ‘The Endless Frontier’ by artist Ben Kehoe. The brother to fellow artist Andy Kehoe (who’s show at Roq la Rue in Seattle coincidentally opens tonight as well) has made leaps and bounds in his work the past few years and it’s refreshing to see a cohesively themed body of work by the artist. For ‘The Endless Frontier,’ Kehoe surveys the rugged themes of exploration utilizing the themes of the Old West and New World as basis for his imagery. The work is full of dark and muted tones, expressing characters as bewildered and scared as the frontiersmen who came before them, while also opening up a new world as compelling and foreign as our ancestors themselves discovered. ‘The Endless Frontier’ opens alongside David Chung’s ‘Smells Better than it Tastes’ tonight and will be on view until November 12th.

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