Dylan Egon & Michael Leavitt at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

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Recently opened at NYC’s Jonathan LeVine Gallery was a dual pairing of solo exhibitions, Dylan Egon’s ‘Home of the Brave’ and Michael Leavitt’s ‘The Art Army Royalty.’ The unique pairing showcased a new direction for the gallery, evident as well in the previous showing of Olek’s crocheted cosmos, placing an emphasis on work that is three dimensional.

Originally unintended for public consumption Egon’s seamless collage assemblages, compositionally based behind glass or within boxes, are complimented by his bold, graphic screen prints. Revolving around the theme of American culture via a subversive dive into vices and consumerism, the work reveals connections between  ‘found’ objects by their proximity and placement to one another, revealing patterns and symbology otherwise lost when free standing. View more images of the work and opening night photos below.

Artist Dylan Egon

Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Artist Michael Leavitt

Leavitt’s small scale, playful sculptures toys around with the notion of the popularity of the vinyl toy industry while capturing contemporary artists such as Damien Hurst, Barbara Kruger and the late Lucian Freud in remarkable detail. Each portrait reflects the style the portrayed artist is known for, each one also articulated to be posed much like an action figure, further subjugating the subjects with a kind of revered sarcasm.

Supplementary images of the artwork courtesy of the gallery.

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