Kukula – ‘Lonely Opulent Things’

by JL SchnabelPosted on

On September 24th, Kukula returns to CoreyHelford Gallery fashioned with a new exhibition of confident, achinglybeautiful paintings, ‘Lonely Opulent Things.’ Inspired by the Roocco style andimbued with a 18th century French color palette, the works sing of amagnificent melancholy via buxom yet lithe figures set amidst antiquatedsettings filled with the rich details of luxury; marble floors, towering gardensand glittering chandeliers.

Within this lavish world, the figures appear more‘realistic’ than in the past, their faces carrying a more potent emotive nuancethat compliments the evolved sophistication of her technique. Often appearingalone or paired with an equally attractive figure, they appear in a state oftransformation, exquisitely adorned with odd details such as clockwork gears, teacup handles and climbing filigreed molding that seem to ‘disease’ theirporcelain skin, a subtle hint at the obsessive nature of coveting beautifulobjects and the cultivation of an aesthetically pleasing contained cosmos nomatter what the cost. View more preview images below.

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