‘Dig for Fire’ Opening Night

by Ken HarmanPosted on

The Pixies are considered to be one of the most influential alternative rock bands in history. “Dig For Fire” shares the creative ethos of the band with an inspired group of artwork curated by sculptor Kevin Titzer, his second music-themed show at CAVE Gallery (previewed here). The exhibition is named after the popular The Pixies single, which according to Titzer represents the band’s very visual lyrics and unique use of characters.

However, it is the song “Monkey Gone To Heaven” that caught the attention of most participating artists, with monkey motifs featured heavily throughout- such as title piece by Sergio Mora. The “Dig For Fire” artworks span from sculpture, painting, to dioramas and furniture paying tribute by Aya Kakeda, Annie Owens, Luke Chueh, Plasticgod, Tim McCormick, and many more. “Dig For Fire” Art Inspired by The Pixies exhibits at CAVE Gallery, Venice CA, from September 9 – October 8, 2011. – Caro

Dig For Fire by Francis Black:“There is an old woman, She lives down the road, You can often find her, Kneeling inside of her hole. And I often ask her, Are you looking for the mother lode? Huh? No. No, my child, this is not my desire. And then she said, I’m digging for fire.”

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