Yumiko Kayukawa’s “Coming Home”

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Ten years ago, Yumiko Kayukawa held her first solo exhibition at Roq la Rue in Seattle. Roq is once again handling hosting duties for Yumiko’s 10th anniversary show, aptly titled ‘Coming Home’. Each beautiful piece showcases Yumiko’s amazing ability to paint powerful colors and perfect lines that look like they could only have been done digitally, though they are in fact only inks and acrylics… with her computer reserved only for email.

Animals are a predominant feature in the show, ranging from the serious wolves in “Hoshitochi”, to the playful frogs of “Amagaeru”, including one actually playing a set of frog sized drums! There is no shortage of technical ability and whimsical fun in each stretched canvas that can’t be missed, Yumiko Kayukawa’s “Coming Home” exhibit runs from September 9th – October 7th at Roq La Rue in Seattle, WA. – Robbie Lowery

“Wild Sushi (Yasei Zushi)”

“Wild Sushi (Yasei Zushi) Detail”

“Rain Frog (Amagaeru)”

“Stars (Hoshitachi)”

“Stars (Hoshitachi) Detail”

“One Monkey Can Stop The Show (Wan Monkii Kyan Sutoppu Za Shou)”

“Dragon In The Back (Sekaka No Ryuu)”

“Dragon In The Back (Sekaka No Ryuu) Detail”

“Coming Home (Satogari)”

“Bento Song (Obento No Uta)”

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