Brian Viveros’ ‘Returning Art To The Unclean’ Opening Night Photos

by JL SchnabelPosted on

Artist Brian M. Viveros & his wife Jenie

Artist Brian M. Viveros’ ‘Returning Art To The Unclean’ opened this past weekend at NYC’s Last Rites Gallery to a swollen crowd of fans. The exhibition featured portraits of wounded and war bound femmes, a convergence of visceral images; thin scratches, plump scarlet roses and impossibly thick  eyelashes. Aside from the signature touches of sultry eyes and limp, dangling cigarettes, the works also tackled the complex themes of war, politics and cultural identity. View more opening night images below.

Paul Booth & Paola Duran

Sunday Show Burlesque doing ‘Smoking Army’ performance.

Kelly Webb, Genevive Zacconi, Brian M. Viveros and a friend

Portraits of artist and gallery patrons  by Mario Manzoni.

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